40th Anniversary Dinner

LMVC 40th MK & DB 2013-07-05 7a lrAs part of 40th year celebration LMVC held a dinner at Kenwick Park Golf Club for members and past members. Our chairman, Malcolm Kerridge gave an excellent speech in recognition of current and past members. David Bryant is the only remaining continuous member of the inaugural meeting. Of that original line up Jeff Hand, now retired from the choir, was also present. There were a number of other members who joined within that first year at LMVC 40th Malcolm Kerridge 2013-07-05 3a lrthe dinner who are still in the choir, Brian Wood, Malcolm Neal and Frank Meechan; Tony Horne since retired was also within the first year. Malcolm went on to say, as we all know, that it is the best club in town and is not just about singing. He further gave thanks to the committee giving their various attributes, in my particular case he said that I worked fervently and had heard Alan John say that had I been on Adolf Hitler’s side, the outcome of the war may have been different, I think it was a compliment! On Alan John, Malcolm heaped more deserved praise about the exceedingly good 40th Anniversary brochure that he produced entirely on his own. Last and by no means least he LMVC 40th Mike Maloney 2013-07-05 4a lrpraised the musical team of Graham Burrell (Music Director) and Gwyn Law (Accompanist) without whom the choir would not exist in its excellent form. Malcolm passed to Professor Richard Keeble, vice chairman, to introduce his colleague from Lincoln University, Mike Maloney, O.B.E. who is professor of photography. Mike gave a very amusing anecdotal after dinner speech as you would expect from

Britain’s most decorated press photographer, with 107 major prizes to his name; three times voted Press Photographer of the Year and having been LMVC 40th JH DB GB RB GL 2013-07-05 6a lrChief Photographer for Mirror Group Newspapers before turning freelance in 2002. To round off the evening Malcolm Kerridge gave the aforementioned David Bryant a LMVC 40th 2013-07-05 1a lrframed and inscribed photograph of Quadwrangle (LMVC’s quartet) in recognition of his retirement, again being the only founder and continuous member of the quartet since its conception in 1975ish. Before that there was a surprise for David as he was instructed to sing with Quadwrangle ‘When Pa’, very apt for the occasion; and then LMVC 40th 2013-07-05 2a lrJohn Hards, David’s replacement as Bass, joined the group for an adaption of ‘There are Women’, which John had penned, inserting attributes of David. It proved a resounding and fitting end to the evening. Well that is the Ruby, now onto the Gold!

I think you can work out the photos; Malcolm is without jacket, Mike Maloney with. The black and white is the inaugural meeting of the choir in September 1973 and the rest you can work out. Tim