Are you male and over 18 years of age?

Rehearsals – See how we work, this clip was taken last year and we now meet in the Town Hall but you will get the idea, click below:


Rehearsals - Chales Jude, Jokn Hrads & Paul Firth
Rehearsals – Charles Jude, John Hards & Paul Firth

Nearly everyone can sing well enough to become a valuable member of a choir.  We do not expect much of new recruits – no need to read music, for example.  Why not turn up at one of our rehearsals – 7.30pm on most Tuesday evenings at the Mansion House on Upgate – and see if you like it?
If you enjoy the experience and would like to join us we will expect you to turn up regularly and learn from our excellent musical director.  If you have any questions before you decide whether or not to give it a go please give Alan John a call on 01507 605071.
Men already in the choir say they do it for a wide variety of reasons: because it is fun;  the emotional buzz from performing and being part of great sounds and emotions;  provides a sense of purpose;  learning the words is a valuable mental work-out;  gets me out of the house;  singing is good exercise;  the choir is the best club in town and very friendly.
If  you think any or all of these reasons have relevance for you, may we look forward to hearing from you?