Children in Need 2018

This is the second year we have organised an event for Children In Need. We had a musical evening with four local primary schools: St Michael’s, Lacey Gardens, Kidgate and Greenwich House.    

Are you ready?

Are Young Musician Competitions a good thing or a bad thing? New research suggests that what separates the winners and the also-rans in music competitions is as much down to their visual impact as it is to the sound they make. The idea that competition judges make decisions based more […]

Summer Concert

We are pleased to announce details of our Summer Concert, to be held in St. James’s Church Louth, on Saturday 23rd June at 7.30pm. It should be a very entertaining night as we will be joined by Louth’s Zero Degrees Chorus. Zero Degrees Chorus are Louth’s all female A Capella […]

Children in Need

We held our first concert for Children In Need in St James’, Louth, with three local primaries, Kidgate, St. Michael’s and Lacey Gardens. What a fantastic night. We had 13 guitarists and then singers from Kidgate, singing and Samba from St. Michaels, and singers from Lacey Gardens. We did some […]

Young Musician 2017

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Kira first competed in 2014 as an intermediate and came 3rd, she came second in the Seniors in 2016 and last night won the Seniors section and was crowned overall winner of the YMY competition to receive the Brian Wood Trophy. […]

New Team

New Team At the AGM on the 10 October, 2017 there was a change of committee members. Roy Barber retired as the treasurer having done 10 superb years and was succeeded by Bob Etty; Eric Burton stepped down as chairman having done his 2 year tenure, Eric was a calm […]

Taster Evening

Men of the Louth Area !!! we’re on a mission to get you singing for your health and the benefit of others. If you’re a… lad, dad, bloke, gent, feller, geezer, son, brother, uncle, husband, partner, old, young, experienced singer or total beginner, with or without a rock, pop, folk, […]

Rain, Rain, Rain.

Weird rain is a bizarre and still largely unexplained phenomena periodically reported from all corners of the globe. In Lincolnshire a suspicion is growing that the performance of a ‘Ritual Rain Song’ is causing problems for Lincolnshire Farmers.  A correlation has been drawn to the dates and times this song […]