An Exciting opportunity

Lincolnshire’s largest and most prestigious Male Voice Choir is seeking an experienced accompanist. The successful applicant will be required to… • Sight-read music to an excellent standard • Adapt accompanist style to suit the genre of the music • Artistically enhance a performance • Have a sense of humour • […]

Children in Need 2019

This is the third year we have run and sponsored a musical CHILDREN IN NEED. Three schools took part this year: St Michaels under Tina Wood; Greenwich House under Sarah Steele and Lacey Gardens under Jon Noden. Another fun evening of singing by the kids and a few light hearted […]

Young Musician 2019

This year was the 30th anniversary of the competition and we decided to celebrate the event by substantially increasing the prize fund through sponsorship to £1,000 with the overall winner getting £400. It had quite a dramatic effect with a high entrance of outstanding musicians. We decided to let everyone […]

40th Anniversary Exchange

But for a chance meeting by David Bryant of LMVC and Klass Wieske of Albatros CMK, in a Luxembourg caravan park 41 years ago, we would not be celebrating the 40th anniversary of exchange concerts. This year marks the 8th visit by Albatros to Louth, singing in St. James – […]

Concert at St. Swithin’s Church, Bicker

Concert St Swithin’s Church Bicker 26 Oct 2018 We are a dynamic, friendly and welcoming group of men who share a passion of singing. Led by our Musical Director Graham Burrell, we sing not only male voice choir favourites but also modern and more challenging music. Our repertoire has recently […]

Six Facts

6 facts about singing to help first-time singers At my monthly singing session recently someone came up to me at the end to say she was worried about not having enough breath for the long phrases. photo by Tsahi Levent-Levi It turned out she was new to singing (it was only […]

Are you ready?

Are Young Musician Competitions a good thing or a bad thing? New research suggests that what separates the winners and the also-rans in music competitions is as much down to their visual impact as it is to the sound they make. The idea that competition judges make decisions based more […]

Feedback from Fred

Extracts from Fred Goodwin’s critique of our annual concert last Saturday. Fred has had a lifetime in music and is the retired organist and choir master of St James’s Church, Louth. Fred is also a composer and arranger of choral music and has written some pieces for us: LOUTH MALE […]

Concert with Military Wives Choirs

The beautiful church of St James in Louth is the fantastic setting for this Charity Concert organised by The Rotary Club of Louth. Not one but two Military Wives Choirs – Coningsby and Cranwell – join forces with the outstanding Louth Male Voice Choir for an evening of music and […]