Concert Review

Below is a critique by Fredrick Goodwin. Fred has had a lifetime in music and is the retired organist and choir master of St James Church, Louth. Fred is also a composer and arranger of choral music and has written some pieces for us.
‘Are we singing it without music?’ said the choirboy, meaning without copies.   In last night’s LMVC concert hardly any copies were to be seen, but by golly there was music!

An abundance of rich, warm, heartfelt music, rhythmically alive, impressive in its unanimity and full of variety.    It is always a wonder how the members of the Louth Male Voice Choir manage to sing a long and complex programme entirely from memory, but it certainly pays off:  with every eye on the conductor, every singer full of enthusiasm and striving to be at one with his fellows, responding to every nuance, nothing gets in the way of the performance.

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