Dominic Cummings quits Government to focus on his music

Dominic Cummings, the Prime Minister’s chief advisor, has announced plans to quit the government in order to focus on his music.

It is understood the Brexit guru has been increasingly frustrated at the Prime Minister’s insistence that he should not continue his fledgeling musical career whilst in Government.

“Dom’s been working on a new calypso album for some months, and had hoped to have it on sale in time for Christmas,” said a colleague.

“But then, Boris insisted that what with Brexit and the pandemic, it really wasn’t the time for a high-profile member of his team to be releasing a calypso record.”

Things came to a head earlier this week during a heated meeting between Cummings and the Prime Minister.

“I wasn’t in the meeting but I was in the room outside, it was pretty obvious that tempers were running pretty hot, there were a lot of raised voices and then the door opened and Dom just shouted – ‘Cripes Boris, with the country being in the state it is right now, people need my calypso music more than ever!’ – he then stormed out, and I haven’t seen him since.”

It is understood that Cummings will continue in his position until Christmas. After which he’ll spend several months remastering his record for release.

Dominic Cumming’s Sound of Trinidad: My Calypso Journey should be released around Easter time.