Eskdale Festival of the Arts – 2013

Eskdale prog 20130001Friday 12th April
An interesting weekend started with a concert at St. Swithin’s church, Baumber, on the night of Friday 12th April. This felt like a trial run for 8 of the 9 pieces we were going to sing at Saturday’s competition (more in a moment). The rest of the programme was more or less as we had sung at the last two concerts. We had a surprise for one member of the audience whose son had organised a ‘happy birthday’, she is a long standing camp follower of LMVC and really appreciated it. Our own Quadwrangle also sang two pieces which they were entering on Saturday. Josh Wilkinson, one of our Young Musician competitors gave a very well received piano recital. Our compere was John Hards. What can I say? The first time he did it last year was ‘a challenge’, this time it was a masterpiece loosely built around horse racing, fully engaging the choir and audience which really lightened and enhanced the evening.

Saturday 13th April – Eskdale Festival of the Arts, National Choir Day, at The Whitby Pavilion.Eskdale prog 20130002
A very long day, the coach leaving Louth at 8am and returning at 11.45pm. There were some absolutely superb choirs competing. We sang in every class possible, 5 in total. The last class, Choir Recital (3 pieces), was effectively to find an overall winner, presented with a cash prize of £500. Sadly we did not win, so we had to pay for the coach coming back! The winner was a wonderful ladies choir, Rodillian LC with a 90+ Eskdale 2013 2013-04-13 002a lrscore, well deserved. We did manage two 2nds with only one or two points difference, but we were outclassed. The adjudicator, Angela Rowley, thought our rendition of What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor was, and I quote, ‘…well sung and the quiet singing was the best I have heard.’ sadly not good enough. Below is a portion of the post mortem by Graham Burrell, our MD:-
‘Many thanks to all who performed at Whitby yesterday. The singing was very rewarding, the comments on the mark sheets all encouraging and the comments received from members of other choirs made it all worthwhile. The conductor for York asked to look at our copy of ‘Prayer’ (Prayer Of The Children) as she thought it was a different arrangement to that of the other 2 choirs. She enjoyed ‘our version’ and is now considering buying it for York, but would not have done so on the 2 other choirs renditions. I feel York did deserve to win (Sacred Music class)’.
It was an experience (experience is what you get when you don’t get what you had hoped for) and we learnt a lot, not the least of which was that Whitby’s Fish & Chips were superb.

Nearly forgot, our quartet Quadwrangle, did of course win their class (Ensemble) with Eskdale 2013 2013-04-13 004a lrCommended for Down In Yon Summer Vale & O Mistress Mine. That’s them in the photo holding the cup, Roy Barber, Graham Burrell (our MD), Gwyn Law (our accompanist) and David Bryant.
Well done lads, it meant that we had some silverware to bring back on the coach after all (by association)