First Concert of 2013

1st concert of the year last Friday at Skegness for Rotary. Well attended audience and choir with two new boys, Paul Wright and John Newman making their debut. It must have been daunting for them as it takes years to learn the repertoire, as it is in a constant state of flux, as new songs are added when they reach concert grade from rehearsals – which takes months, and older ones are dropped – for a few years. The result is that what is sung at concerts is known by the old hands and only brushed up at the rehearsal before (if you’re lucky). Music sheet would be handy but we don’t have them at concerts – It has been known for the row behind to fasten the words on the lapel of the chorister in front! The result for the new boys is that they have to learn the hard way, without the rehearsal with Graham drumming in the nuances of the different sections.

The entire concert was ‘in house’ with the intermission slots being taken up by our own voice quartet ‘Quadwrangle’, and Charles Jude (T1 soloist) on saxophone, both expertly executed and entertaining and making LMVC capable of keeping the interest of an audience with a varied programme.

Nick Adams was the compere, as witty as ever and Malcolm Kerridge gave a health and safety warning before we started Kamate Kamate (Songs From The Land Of The Long White Cloud) as a lady at a concert in Grimsby last year nearly shot out of her seat! Graham Burrell is/was our revered musical director/conductor and Gwyn Law our exceptional piano accompanist whose work was cut out in some transition bars especially Bohemian Rhapsody.

The programme was:
Drunken Sailor
Bridge Over Troubled Water

Quadwrangle –O Mistress Mine, There Are Women, Down in Yon Summer Vale, Come Landlord Fill

Bohemian Rhapsody
Caribbean Trilogy (Day-O [soloist Charles Jude], Yellow Bird& Jamaica Farewell)
Londonderry Air
Homeless [Soloist Malcolm Kerridge] Seasons Of Love
In St Pauls
Prayer Of The Children

 Charles Jude – 3 pieces on Saxophone

 Songs From The Land Of The Long White Cloud
The Rose
Encore – Morte Christe

 The entire programme can be found on our three CDs, and most on our latest, Ruby Rhythms, celebrating what is now our 40th year, available at concerts and from this website

 Our next concert is on 15th March, for the Rotary of Brigg, at Sir John Nelthorpe Lower School, 7.30pm start.