Frank Meechan

Frank Meechan T1 LMVC Jan 2012Frank Meechan

It is with deep regret that we announce the death of Frank Meechan. Frank died in Lincoln Hospital this morning (28th May, 2014) and our sympathies go to Joan, his wife, and his family. A more eloquent obituary will come later from those who knew him better than I, but I felt it right to make this announcement as soon as possible. Frank was one of the very early members of the choir from its conception in 1973 and very much a leading light, and was latterly the choir’s Librarian. He was always quick to welcome new members and take them under his wing, as indeed he did with me when I joined a few years ago as a 1st Tenor making sure I sat next to him. Always ready to give his view with his broad Scottish accent; always quick to be scathing to the  Sassanachs as recently shown when he had to interpret the words to ‘The Road to the Isle’ to the rest of us; but always complementary to those about him. He was a great wordsmith known for his verse and a loud and persistent proponent of soft singing. He will be sadly missed by all.