Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams was larger than life; he was in the RAF during the war as a navigator, failing to be a pilot due to frightening his instructors with near misses on landing (he learnt that he could not judge distances). He was stranded on the Dunkirk beaches but paddled out in a boat and was picked up by a tug boat. After the war he joined Imperial Airways, the pre-runner of BOAC and what is now BA, traveled and was also stationed around the world in the forefront of the holiday travel trade. He eventually landed and retired in Maidenhead before decided to relocate to Alvingham where he saw out his days. He did not join LMVC until into his 70’s and as a second tenor was a much loved figure. He was also very much involved with the Albatros male voice choir from Nieuwe Pekela in the Netherlands with which LMVC has had a long association.In memory of Hugh, LMVC sang Morte Criste at his funeral.