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(C) – recorded on cassette, piano only

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A Wonderful T U T (Pat Boone YT)A Wonderful T U T – B1, A Wonderful T U T – B2A Wonderful T U T – T1A Wonderful T U T  – T2
African T – B1, African T – B2, African T – T1, African T – T2
Angels – B1, Angels – B2, Angels – T1, Angels – T2
Anthem – B1, Anthem – B2, Anthem – T1, Anthem – T2
Amen – LMVC (Ruby), Amen – T1, Amen T2, Amen B1, Amen B2
An American Trilogy – Oxford and Builth Male Voice Choirs 
Am Trilogy T1, Am Trilogy T2, Am Trilogy B1, Am Trilogy B2

Back T T 60’s – All (Contrast), Back T T 60’s – B1, Back T T 60’s – B2,
Back T T 60’s – T1, Back T T 60’s – T2
Battle Hymn O T R (St J’s ’06)Battle Hymn O T R-B1, Battle Hymn O T R-B2Battle Hymn O T R-T1Battle Hymn O T R-T2
Begin T G – All (Rehearsal Feb 17), Begin T G – B1, Begin T G – B2, Begin T G – T1, Begin T G – T2
Boars Head (Octangle)
Bohemian R – B1, Bohemian R – B2, Bohemian R – T1Bohemian R – T2Bohemian R – T2 ending
bridge T1  bridge T2  bridge B1   bridge B2
Bring H H – B1, Bring H H – B2Bring H H – T1, Bring H H – T2

Away I A M – B, Away I A M – T
bethlehem t1
bethlehem t2
bethlehem b1
bethlehem b2
carol singers T1
carol singers T2
carol singers B1
carol singers B2
Ding D – B, Ding D – T
Hark T H A S – B, Hark T H A S – T
Jingle B – B, Jingle B – T
Joy T T W – B, Joy T T W – T
O Come A Y F – B, O Come A Y F – T
O Holy N – B, O Holy N – T
O Little T O B – B, O Little T O B -T
Silent N – B, Silent N – T, Silent N – PIANO
We Three K O O A – B, We Three K O O A T

Calon Lan -T1Calon Lan -T2Calon Lan -B1Calon Lan -B2
Cavalry O T S – (All pts Rehearsal Oct ’15), Cavalry O T S – B1, Cavalry O T S – B2, Cavalry O T S – T1, Cavalry O T S – T2
Can’t H F I L – (All pts Rehearsal Oct ’15), Can’t H F I L – B1 & B2,
Can’t H F I L – T1, Can’t H F I L – T2
Can Y F T L T – T1, Can Y F T L T – T2, Can Y F T L T – B1, Can Y F T L T – B2
Chatt CC – Mansfield District MVC
Chatt CC – B1Chatt CC – B2, Chatt CC – T1, Chatt CC – T2
Crimond – T1, Crimond – T2, Crimond – B1, Crimond – B2
crossing t1, crossing t2, crossing b1, crossing b2, crossing piano
Crucifixion p2 Agony – BCrucifixion p2 Agony – T
Crucifixion p11 Fling – BCrucifixion p11 Fling – T
Crucifixion p19 Chorus to end – B, Crucifixion p19 Chorus to end – T
Crucifixion p30 Go So LTW – BCrucifixion p30 Go So LTW – T
Crucifixion p46 – BsCrucifixion p46 – Ts
Crucifixion Hymn p23 – BsCrucifixion Hymn p23 – Ts
Crucifixion Hymn p34 – BsCrucifixion Hymn p34 – Ts
Crucifixion Hymn p42 – TsCrucifixion Hymn p42 tune only- Ts, Crucifixion Hymn p42 Piano Part- TsCrucifixion Hymn p42 tune only- BsCrucifixion Hymns All, Accomp (organ)

Dambusters – B1Dambusters – B2Dambusters – T1, Dambusters –

Deus Salutis LMVCDeus S – B1, Deus S – B2, Deus S – T1, Deus S – T2

Day O-B1Day O-B2Day O-T1Day O-T2
Do Y H T P S – B1, Do Y H T P S – B2, Do Y H T P S – T1, Do Y H T P S – T2
Dock Of The Bay (All)Dock O T B – T1 1Dock O T B – T1 2 ALT Bar 45,   Dock O T B – B1   Dock O T B – B2   Dock O T B T2

Every T I F T S – LMVC (Silver),  Every T I F T S – B1, Every T I F T S – B2, Every T I F T S – T1, Every T I F T S – T2
Fields O G – All ( Rehearsal Feb 17), Fields O G – T1, Fields O G – T2, Fields O G – B1, Fields O G – B2 
For the Longest Time (needs NWC Viewer – see above)

Find Your Voice
count 1 3
count 2
sing 1 fyv
sing 2 fyv
black 1
black 2 2
fyv popup
before you go fyv
sweet caroline fyv

God & G A (All, YouTube),  God & G A -T1, God & G A – T2, God & G A – B1, God & G A – B2,
Goin’ H – All (Rehearsal Feb 17), Goin’ H B1, Goin’ H B2, Goin’ H T1, Goin’ H T2
Gospel Glory (Contrast), Gospel G -T1, Gospel G – T2, Gospel G – B1, Gospel G – B2
Gwahoddiad (Ruby)Gwahoddiad – B1Gwahoddiad – B2Gwahoddiad – T1Gwahoddiad – T2
ghost t1, ghost t2, ghost b1, ghost b2


Hallelujah – All (rehearsal May 17), Hallelujah -T1, Hallelujah -T2, Hallelujah -B1, Hallelujah -B2
Homeless (mid section) – B1, Homeless (C) – B2, Homeless (mid section) – B2, Homeless (C) – T1, Homeless (mid section) -T2
homeless b1  homeless b2  homeless t1 homeless t2
I Dreamed A D – B1, I Dreamed A D – B2, I Dreamed A D – T1, I Dreamed A D – T2
In Flanders F. – B1In Flanders F. – B2In Flanders F. – T1In Flanders F. – T2In Flanders F. Carlton MVC
It’s Your Song That We Sing (All parts)
song u sing t1 ok, song u sing t2 oksong u sing b1 oksong u sing b2 ok,
song t1 pt2 oksong t2 pt2 oksong b1 pt 2 oksong b2 pt 2 ok
bar 105 t1 okbar 105 t2 okbar 105 b1 ok,

King All-Gl (YT) , King A G – T1, King A G – T2, King A G – B1, King A G – B2
Lincolnshire Poacher, The (Poachers All!), Lincolnshire P – B1  Lincolnshire P – B2Lincolnshire P – T1Lincolnshire P – T2
LochLoT1 LochLoT2  LochLoB1 LochLoB2
Londonderry Air – B1, Londonderry Air – B2, Londonderry Air – T1, Londonderry Air – T2

Love Is A A – T1,  Love Is A A – T2,  Love Is A A – B1,  Love Is A A – B2 Love Is A A – Piano


Morte Christe (LMVC Contrast), Morte C – B2, Morte C -T1, MorteB1
Morte C- T2,
music t1okmusic t2 okmusic bass ok
Nessun D (Ital. & Eng.) LMVC, Nessun D B1, Nessun B2, Nessun D T1, Nessun T2
Nice ‘n’E – All (Rehearsal May 17)Nice ‘n’ E – T1Nice ‘n’ E – T2, Nice ‘n’ E – B1Nice ‘n’ E – B2
Oklahoma (St James 2006), Oklahoma – T1 (cassette)

Only You – T1 Only You – T2Only You – B1Only You – B2     Only You – Piano

Portrait O M L – B1, Portrait O M L – T1, Portrait O M L – T2
perhaps Love T, perhaps b1, perhaps b2
pacem t1, pacem t2, pacem-b1, pacem b2, pacem piano


Rain B1   Rain-R-R-T1  Rain T2
Rhythm Of Life (LMVC St J 2006), Rhythm O L – B1, Rhythm O L – B2
Rhythm O L – T1 , Rhythm O L – T2  
Road T T I – B1, Road T T I – T1, Road T T I – T2
Sailing (Churchdown MVC), Sailing – B1, Sailing – B2, Sailing – T 1, Sailing – T2
SCALES, Maj & Min, Crom, Maj Brok & Min Brok
Sanctus (Octangle)
See A T W S ( All 2016)
See A T W S – T1, See A T W S – T2, See A T W S – B1, See A T W S – B2
Shenandoah – B1, Shenandoah – B2, Shenandoah – T1&2
Sinatra – Full Choir (Rehearsal Feb ’16)
Sinatra 1 NY – B1, Sinatra 1 NY – B2Sinatra 1 NY – T1, Sinatra 1 NY – T2
Sinatra 2 Str – B1, Sinatra 2 Str – B2, Sinatra 2 Str – T1, Sinatra 2 Str – T2
Sinatra 3 Fly – B1, Sinatra 3 Fly – B2, Sinatra 3 Fly – T1, Sinatra 3 Fly – T2
Sinatra 4 My – B1, Sinatra 4 My – B2, Sinatra 4 My – T1, Sinatra 4 My – T2
Sinatra 5 Fin – B1, Sinatra 5 Fin – B2, Sinatra 5 Fin – T1, Sinatra 5 Fin – T2
Softly A I L Y – B1Softly A I L Y – B2, Softly A I L Y – T1,  Softly A I L Y – T2
Songs F T LO T L W C (Choir-Ruby)pt1, Songs F T LO T L W C (Choir-Ruby)pt2, Kamate, Songs F T LO T L W C  – B1Songs F T LO T L W C  – B2,  Songs F T LO T L W C  – T1Songs F T LO T L W C  – T2,
Songs F T WW1 – B1, Songs F T WW1 – T1, Songs F T WW1 – T2 
Sound O S – B1, Sound O S – T1, Sound O S – T2
Speed Your Journey (LMVC & RMVC 2012), Speed Y J – B1, Speed Y J – B2
Speed Y J – T1, Speed Y J – T2
Still, Still, Still (LMVC, rehearsal Nov 15)
Still, Still, Still (Unaccompanied 2016)
Strike Hard (Bomber) – Band , Strike Hard (Bomber) – B1, Strike Hard (Bomber) – B2
Strike Hard (Bomber) – T1Strike Hard (Bomber) – T2
Stars by Ēriks Ešenvalds, performed by Chor Leoni Men’s Choir
Stars – T1 Upper, Stars – T1 Lower, Stars – T2, Stars –  B1 Upper, Stars – B1 Lower, Stars – B2
Take Me H – B1Take Me H – T1Take Me Home – T2

The Day Y S T S – Albatros, The Day Y S T S – Graham, The Day Y S T S – bar 65 lower  
The Holy C (Gresley MVC) , The Holy C – B1The Holy C – B2, The Holy C – T1The Holy C – T2
The Rose (All,St James) , The Rose – T1, The Rose – T2, The Rose – B1, The Rose B2
There I N L A Dame – B1, There I N L A Dame – B2, There I N L A Dame – T1, There I N L A Dame – T2
The Lord B Y A K Y – B1  The lord B Y A K Y -B2  The Lord K Y A B Y – T1 The Lord B Y A K Y – T2
The Lord I M S (Vic O D) – Chess Valley Male Voice Choir
The Lord I M S (LMVC All)The Lord I M S – B1, The Lord I M S – B2,The Lord I M S – T1,  The Lord I M S – T2
Those Mag M I T F M – B1, Those Mag M I T F M – T1, Those Mag M I T F M – T2
The LIMS (Dibley) T1, The LIMS (Dibley) T2, The LIMS (Dibley) B1, The LIMS (Dibley) B2


Unchained M – TUnchained M – B


What S-W-D-W-T-D-S T1
What S-W-D-W-T-D-S t2
What S-W-D-W-T-D-S TEN2
What S-W-D-W-T-D-S B1
What S-W-D-W-T-D-S B2
What S-W-D-W-T-D-S BASS2
When T S G M I (Contrast),When T S G M I – B1When T S G M I -B2When T S G M I -T1When T S G M I -T2
Wherever Y A – All TTBB, ( Rehearsal May 17)Wherever Y A – All TTBB over SA, ( Rehearsal May 17)
Wherever Y A, TTBB – T1, Wherever Y A, TTBB – T2Wherever Y A, TTBB – B1Wherever Y A, TTBB – B2
When A C I B ( All, 2016)
When A C I B – T1, When A C I B – T2, When A C I B – B1, When A C I B – B2
With A Voice O S – B1, With A Voice O S – T1, With A Voice O S – T2
woy t1, woy t2, woy b1 ok, woy b2 ok
X, Y, Z
You Raise Me Up (LMVC & Flint 2014), You R M U – B1, You R M U – B2
You R M U – T1, You R M U – T2,
YesterdayT1 YesterdayT2, YesterdayB1, YesterdayB2,
Yesterday – needs Noteworthy Composer Viewer [see top of page]