Frequently referred to as the best club in Louth, if only by its members, there has to be a hoop to jump through for a probationer to become a full member of the choir.  So a large hoop has been constructed and positioned just above the ground.  The choir is keen to welcome new members. The best way to find out if you would like to join is to attend a concert and/or turn up at our rehearsals at the old Town Hall, Louth at 7.30pm on most Tuesdays (not August).

There is no requirement to be able to read music, but there has to be a desire to sing well.  Once a probationer has learned some of the repertoire over a period of, normally, several months and is confident about holding the correct line he is invited to put in for an audition.  The audition consists of the probationer and another member of the same section singing one or two songs with a trio of singers from the other sections.  The decision of the musical director is final.

There is no truth whatsoever in the rumour that 1st tenors get an easier passage because of their relative scarcity, but there is obviously now something in the Louth water as virtually all the new recruits of late have been in this section!

The current membership proves that this informal and friendly process is not an insurmountable obstacle to ordinary mortals who want to participate in one of the greatest pleasures known to man, when done well - blending voices to entertain audiences with beautiful and sometimes emotional music.

It is alleged that the intellectual effort required to learn the words is effective in prolonging youth - and not one member of the choir refutes this claim!

1st Tenor

John Bachelor
Barnie Canter
Tim Elliott
Malcolm McLean
Hugh Poths
Paul Wright

2nd Tenor

Nick Adams
Roy Barber
Eric Burton
Roger Cullum
David Preston
Jim Duncumb
Stan Horn
Alfred Manning
Kevin Smith
Paul Williams

1st Bass

Richard Ablott
Bob Bowe
Allan Dunning
Paul Firth
Roger Green
Robert Haynes
Alan Hayward
Russell Howard
Alan John
John Kennedy
Chris Noble
Andrew North
Barry Toyn

2nd Bass

Tony Blackmore
Andrew Cook
Robert Etty
Mel Garbutt
Richard Keeble
Malcolm Kerridge
Patrick Morton
Malcolm Neal
Brian Wood