New Brochure to celebrate the 40th year of the choir

40th Broucher0001 lrOur 40th anniversary brochure is now out. WOW! What a work of art by our Alan John, yet again we show the strength of in-house expertise. It is a fantastically presented tome with 24 pages of colourful articles and photos about the choir, its history and present day, with comments and articles about everything you could possible need to know. I am a relatively new member, only just over 2 years, I am one of the 15 members with up to 9 years and there are 6 who have more than 30 years, and 4 of the originals making up the almost 60 members that we have; and I am one of the 22 in the 60-59 age bracket, our oldest member, Stan Horn, is 83, and the average age is 65. It is full of amazing facts 40th Broucher0002 lrand figures, but much more… I don’t know where to start – our concerts, associations, charities, choir sections, repertoire and festivals (good and bad). It is jewelled throughout with comments and quotes from the members, concert attendees, other choirs, composers and arrangers. One of the doyens, Frank Meechan, has amusingly rearranged a few well known ditties to fit the choir,40th Broucher0003 lr and there are profiles and articles, such as LMVC’s work with young musicians, and of course Quadwrangle. As for photos, it just goes to show how attractive we all are! Well, you have to blow 40th Broucher0004 lr40th Broucher0005 lryour own trumpet – or sing your own songs. But the photos are not just of us, it is just that the others are not as attractive! Joking apart, it was so readable, I read it through, cover to cover, unable to put it down; so much I didn’t know and, as I started off by saying, such a work of art. We have limited copies for sale. You will be able to pick them up at our concerts at £2 each or order from the LMVC Recordings and Brochure tab on the top menu.