St Augustine’s Concert, 15th November, 2013

The second concert this season saw us at St Augustine’s, Grimsby. The acoustics are fantastic; it St Augustine's, Grimsby 2013-11-15 004a lris wonderful to hear the sound coming back. I missed the first concert two weeks ago (my first miss since I became a member!) and also missed 2 ½ rehearsals through holidays and family and found myself on the back foot, why, because we have spent every rehearsal that I have been at since September in learning, or perfecting, new pieces, so of course the concert programme was made up mainly of stuff we did in July. I


Now when you have been with the choir as long as I you will know that that bit goes there. Brain Wood (40 years), John Newman, (<1year)
Now when you have been with the choir as long as I you will know that that bit goes there. Brain Wood (40 years), John Newman, (<1year)

had been concentrating on all the new pieces, but at least the programme included all the three new pieces from Les Misérables and, for the first time, Entrance and March Of The Peers from Iolanthe, nothing like a bit of Gilbert and Sullivan (no not the 70’s pop star) there was a bit of nervousness on the Entrance but hopefully we Marched through and made our Peers proud (nothing like a good pun) – Graham (MD) will doubtless tell us all how proud we

Concentration or Constipation? Octangle - St Augustine's Nov. 2013
Concentration or Constipation? Octangle – St Augustine’s Nov. 2013

should be, or probably not, on Tuesday. Octangle gave a wonderful performance during the main choir’s breaks’; the first time I have heard them, awesome, wonderfully pitched and no dominant voices. It works well because their repertoire is completely different to the main choir’s and gives the audience two for one. They also had a new piece, All For Me Grog. I have listed at the bottom the programme for both.

St Augustine's, Grimsby 2013-11-15 009a lrNext Friday Octangle are performing with Anne Fridal at the Conoco Philips rooms, Louth at 7.30, a musical Soirée, Singing, Mingling and Light Refreshments – £3 (ring 01507 609637 or 07788702013) an absolute bargain. The full choir are next singing at Nichol Hill Methodist Church, Louth on the 6th December with the superb Kidgate Boys’ Choir.

Programme last night, Main Choir:
Drunken Sailor
Yellow Bird/Jamaican Farewell
Blue Skies
Wind Beneath My Wings
Les Misérables – I Dreamed a Dream, Bring Him Home & Do You Hear The People Sing
The Rose
Lily Of The Valley
Bridge Over Troubled Water
Londonderry Air
March Of The Peers
Encore – Morte Christi

Octangle (Octet):
If Ye Love Me
TeBe Poem
I Need Thee Every Hour
O mistress Mine
Sunset Poem
All For Me Grog