Xmas Quiz 2019

  1. In “Game of Thrones” which house has the motto “Winter is Coming”?
  2. At the winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere over which line of latitude is the sun directly over?
  3. In which of Shakespeare’s plays does the line “Now is the winter of our discontent” appear?
  4. In which land is it “Always winter but never Christmas”?
  5. We have a General Election in December 2019, when was the last time a General Election took place in Advent?
  6. NORAD track Santa’s movements on Christmas Eve, what does NORAD stand for?
  7. How many sides do all snowflakes have?
  8. In early Britain what part of a pig was a traditional Christmas meal?
  9. Which English ruler banned the singing of Christmas songs?
  10. In Central Europe who or what is Krampus?

Answers coming soon . . . .