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The choir is based in the market town of Louth in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Every summerScanImage006 it sings a concert in the town’s magnificent parish church of St James. Another ten or so concerts and a choral festival competition constitute a typical year’s programme. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings starting at 7.30pm at the Town Hall, Eastgate, Louth. Prospective new members are always welcome to attend rehearsals. The choir also welcomes invitations to sing at new locations that can accommodate 40 voices or more. Illustration by Twink Addison – further drawings by her are on Apres Singing and About Us.


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Young Musician of the Year, 2016

Eileen Ballard (mayor) & Florence Hand winner 2016

Eileen Ballard (mayor) & Florence Hand winner 2016

YMY 2016 – Contestants & Presentations

There was a very proud grandad in the audience last night at our Young Musician of the Year competition, Jeff Hand, a founder member of LMVC (September 1973) who watched as his granddaughter, Florence Hand, performed. Florence has been competing since 2011, going through the stages she won the Junior’s in 2011, came second in the Intermediate’s in 2014 and last night won the Senior’s section and was crowned overall winner of the YMY competition to receive the Brian Wood Trophy. The level of talent was exceptionally good and the results were:
Winner of the Arthur Gilbert Memorial Cup– Rhianna Wilson (Piano)
Runners up – Roni Baxter (Voice) and Evie Cooper (piano)
Winner of the Henry Brown Memorial Cup – Eleanor Mcleod (Piano)
nd – Libby Challans (Voice)
rd Annabel Garrod (Clarinet)
Winner, and overall winner of the Brian Wood Trophy – Florence Hand

2nd – Kira Roberts (Euphonium)
rd – Darcie Redford (Piano)
Runners Up – Alyssa Brock (Voice) and Rowan Webb (Voice)

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Concert Review and CD

We have made a recording of our annual concert held on Saturday 25th June at St James, Louth. These are at £3.50 inl. PP. Contact Tim Elliott – 01507 604262, timelliott@talktalk.net

2016 Concert recording CD sleeve Disc 1 - For Internet

Below is a critique by Fredrick Goodwin. Fred has had a lifetime in music and is the retired organist and choir mater of St James Church, Louth. Fred is also a composer and arranger of choral music and has written some pieces for us:

‘Are we singing it without music?’ said the choirboy, meaning without copies.   In last night’s LMVC concert hardly any copies were to be seen, but by golly there was music!   An abundance of rich, warm, heartfelt music, rhythmically alive, impressive in its unanimity and full of variety.    It is always a wonder how the members of the Louth Continue reading

AGM – October, 2015

Election 2015 lrOur AGM was last week, Richard Keeble was the retiring Chairman after two years in the post, a sort of precedent having been set by Malcolm Kerridge, the previous Chairman. Richard had made it his challenge to get some more social events going with the help of Barnie Canter, which he achieved, the last being our visit to Lincoln Cathedral during the summer. His second was to get us to be more animated, in smiling. This has probably been more difficult to achieve as being men we can’t multi-task. It is going to be interesting as Graham has re-introduced ‘Back To The 60’s’ and last time he apparently got us doing the Hand-Jive. Richard has been a good chairman, eloquent as you might expect from a retired Professor of Journalism (having got his doctorate from Keble College, Oxford – he couldn’t resist going to a college with the same sounding name). Eric Burton takes over having been Vice for the last two years; Andrew North has taken over as Secretary from John Hards, who stepped down having gone back to work virtually full time; Tim Elliott is to become Vice-Chairman but will also continue his Media Officer role.


International Bomber Command Memorial Unveiling Ceremony – 2nd October, 2015

Boy, were we lucky with the weather today at the International Bomber Command Unveiling Ceremony at Canwick Hill, Lincoln. We sang ‘Strike Hard, Strike Sure’, the new piece specially commissioned for the event by Tom Deveron, with the Lincoln Orpheus MVC & the City Of Lincoln MVC, accompanied by the RAF College band, or rather we accompanied them. We also sang 4 other joint pieces and then the individual choirs sang a few more. A glorious day in every way and such a joy to see 300 veterans. I put together a short video which is below, not my best but it was very much impromptu as we did not know what access or freedom we were going to have. It is done to the audio of ‘Strike Hard, Strike Sure’ but again I had to record at the back of the choir and behind the PA speakers, from in front, you could hear the choir a lot better as there were mics set up, but I was there to sing! The organiser is going to set up a recording – so watch this space


2015 St James Annual Concert with Kidgate Boys Choir

I asked Florence, the French wife of Paul Firth – our Rain Rain baritone soloist, whether

William Dunning

William Dunning

she understood our French singing of Cantique de Jean Racine. She replied that she realized it was foreign but only understood one word ‘someil’. So much for our dialect which clearly came from a remote part of France unknown to Florence. I suspect that 99.9% of the audience were with us in enjoying the sound as opposed to the literal meaning. Last night we had our annual concert at St James with Kidgate Boys’ Choir, quite a contrast. William Dunning, in his last year at Kidgate, was their compere and gave a very full and interesting intro to all their pieces. It is quite amazing how Chris Wood, their MD, has inspired and taken them all over the place to sing. Chris retires at the end of term and will be sadly missed by the boys. Talking of being inspired, Continue reading